Thursday, September 30, 2010

the jar project

content: jars 
process: create individual terrariums based off of the climates (tropical-desert) in the united states

in the inauthentic life we tend to dismiss our surroundings.
 by creating artificial atmospheric jars i hope to illuminate the issue of average everydayness. 
after a final assessment of this work i decided that the general theme was entrapment.
entrapped by: 
the home (my tiny apartment) 
work (ever scene office space?) 
society's expectations 

on a lighter note...

i just did it because i like jars, i think they're purty. C: 
also cacti are sweet. 

also here is an image from  the box project piece.  

the tree that is coming out of the top is called a money tree. 

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  1. oh wow, this looks really cool!