Tuesday, January 11, 2011

asian fusion.

it started 
with a few images
 of women 
some bright hair

looks like cotton candy


pink                                                               pink 
+ cuteness                                                        + cuteness 
= awesome?                                                  = awesome?

correlation anyone? 

i think so. 

but what about princess mononoke? 

out there 
there must be...

a fashion doppelganger. 

guh! is that it?! 
wait a minute... that is not a high fashion doppleganger. 

 my dears, 
was a 
role playing. 

truly, i have yet to find a good doppleganger...
any ideas?

on the subject of anime...
one mustn't forget 
samurai champloo!

don't hate. 
anime is pretty sweet. 

to make up for my little 
geek out...
here are some fashion savvy folks.
(they ain't nerdy! n' less fashion nerd counts)

as a vegetarian... 
(yes, yes--rant about animal love--here it comes!)
i must say i am not a fan of the dead foxes. 
wouldn't it be more fun if they were alive? 
they could be alive 
and are just very loving companions or sleeping... 
who knows!? 

(above photos from FrUiTs magazine)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

chess records, teddy boys and girls, and the 1950's

last night i watched cadillac records. 

such a good movie. 

it reminded me that i have accumulated a ton of photos with 
teddy boys 
teddy girls 

so here is a little splash of the 1950's


these chicks are so hip,
it blows my mind. 

teddy family?

awww yes, Etta James. 

ok, so this movie was not for my foreign film class... 
but it was so good
i couldn't help myself. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sweden and the seveth seal

week 1, day 2: 
movie: the seventh seal

really digging this swedish fashion. 

you can't go wrong with a combination of:

and  of coarse

i'm going to have to
1. clean my room 
and then 
2. take some photos of my sweater collection. 


there is this scene
 right at the beginning of the film 
where two of the main  characters are laying on this beach... 

except in the film it may be a little less fashionable. 


the inspiration: 

the 1957 swedish film, the seventh seal. 
directed by Ingmar Bergman.

cutest baby ever. 

chess with death. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

foreign films, winter nights.

yesterday was the start of winter intercession and my new class foreign films from the 60's.
in this class we will be covering a ton of brilliant movies 
so i've decided to pick my favorites 
(which could very well be all of them)
 and give a little intro to each one.

Week 1, Day 1:


An Australian film directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, featuring Hugo Weaving, Geneviève Picot and Russel Crowe. 

Cecilia the "bitch in heat" <-- her words not mine! 
(Genevieve Picot)  

Martin's housekeeper
"loves" Martin

this is an image from inside Cecilia's house... 
LOVE this image. 
creepily fantastic.

Martin is blind to her obsession and also quite literally blind. 

Andy "the dishwasher"
(Russel Crowe) 

Martin "the blind man" 
(Hugo Weaving)

but with good reason.

<3i like him better as mr. smith<3 

Monday, January 3, 2011

in need of sweaters.

after a lovely christmas in minnesota i am in desperate need of warmth. 
but gas is expensive! 
so i guess i just need to settle for a sweater...

maybe a gold leaf sweater?

or one made out of your special friend's hair? 

or maybe an edible sweater! 

i'd be sweater-less in an instant. 

im collecting all three of my sister's hair in order to knit one, but i'm a long way off. 

the drive to minnesota was awful! why is it that every time i want to go home there are crazy driving conditions? 
this time i got caught in a blizzard. 
last time i got caught in this --> 

SOOO much fog. 


dearest minnesota, 

you have thoroughly impressed me by your extreme weather conditions. 
now please stop snowing so that roofs stop leaking and people are able to get into their driveways. 

love you and miss you tons,