Monday, January 3, 2011

in need of sweaters.

after a lovely christmas in minnesota i am in desperate need of warmth. 
but gas is expensive! 
so i guess i just need to settle for a sweater...

maybe a gold leaf sweater?

or one made out of your special friend's hair? 

or maybe an edible sweater! 

i'd be sweater-less in an instant. 

im collecting all three of my sister's hair in order to knit one, but i'm a long way off. 

the drive to minnesota was awful! why is it that every time i want to go home there are crazy driving conditions? 
this time i got caught in a blizzard. 
last time i got caught in this --> 

SOOO much fog. 


dearest minnesota, 

you have thoroughly impressed me by your extreme weather conditions. 
now please stop snowing so that roofs stop leaking and people are able to get into their driveways. 

love you and miss you tons, 


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