Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bosch, flemish painting, surrealism and rowan mersh?

i'm currently attending a northern renaissance art class
which i do enjoy 
but much of the class goes something like this:

madonna and child 
christ as the man of sorrows 
st. anthony,
st. christopher
st. grumble grumble 
christ as the man of sorrows 
madonna and child 
madonna and child 
the annunciation of the grumble 
christ as the man of sorrows 
madonna and child 
more madonnas and grumble 
the altarpiece of st. grumble 
grumble grumble... 

this week we studied the works of flemish artists from the 15th and 16th century
which are pretty much
and for some reason i couldn't help but see a relationship between Bosch's work and that of surrealists, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte

 top: Bosch, bottom: Dali

 top: Flemish School, bottom: Dali 

which got me thinking about fashion... 
can fashion be surrealist? 
or have a surrealist aspect to it?

maybe in the work of Rowan Mersh? 
not completely convinced, but his abstraction of the female form leads me to believe that it could be considered surrealist fashion.  

 side panels: Bosch, center panel: Rowan Mersh

top: Rene Magritte, bottom: Rowan Mersh


  1. oh i like those! they're a lot cuter than what i found haha

  2. you're so right, there are some resemblences in the work! thanks for your comment on our LalaLove post, the tees are kinda like the Crystal Castles ones!


  3. Ohh i love Rowan Mersh!! Great post and i'm now a follower!! xxxxxx

  4. I love your surreal choices and offer you more of my own. You can hhave my free wallpaper at http://davemartsolfsurrealist.wordpress.com/free-wallpaper/